Give Uber a try!

Give Uber a try!

Devils Business

November 1st, 2014


If you have a smart phone and are out and about on the nightclub scene in Atlanta, you absolutely need to get this app!

It’s available on Android and iPhone and it’s my savior at the end of the night. When the club gets too crowded and I just need to bounce out of there, I grab for my phone and find my black car.

The cars don’t smell like shitball taxis. They all pass the smell test by leaps and bounds. Almost all of the cars that come to bring you home after a long night of partying are black and as clean as they were on the show room floor.

The drivers almost all speak perfect English, if they’re foreign, and are so nice. You’re not sitting in the back of a nasty yellow cab that people probably puked in a few hours prior.

Go to iTunes or Google Play and get this crucial app. Never get stuck outside the club in the cold again, waiting, hoping for a shitty taxi to stop and save the day. Leave that shit up to Uber and make it home safe, sound, and with no DUI on your record